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We are back to keep the people who care informed about what's been going on, going on, and what's next for us. 

Cousin Ramon's been on planes, connecting with people in the community to build curriculum for young black boys, and speaking with TK about his past summer trials in writing. Listen in to our 9th episode of the year.

TK and Ramon B.

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Special thanks to Sid Walker for stopping by to share his journey into entrepreneurship. Listen for insights on our time management, distraction management, and helping others enjoy the daily process into success.


Guest info:

Sid Walker - Owner and Founder of SideWalk.PDX

Facebook: SideWalk.PDX

TK and Ramon B.
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Both minds experienced education in different cities, states, and color of institution. College was interesting, fun, and unpredictable, so we discussed it.

Thanks for listening! 

TK and Ramon B.

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We are discussing the disconnect between 'African-Americans' and Africans born into native tribes. Thank you to our mentor and inspiring artist Uche for stopping by to speak to us about Africa's politics, history, and to remind us who we are!

- TK and Ramon

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Uche - Website:

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"....what good is truth if you don't understand?"

We're back talking real estate and investing. Thank you Wilson Walker for stopping by The Stu' to answer questions about home ownership and property investing!

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Wilson Walker

Email: Phone: (503) 348-4376

TK and Ramon


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We are back with Episode 4 to talk about our recent travel experiences, and to add a unique perspective for frequent 'black' travelers!

TK and Ramon

We brought in Christopher Scott, MSW, CSWA aka HIP-HOP SOCIAL WORKER to continue our discussion around the stigmas with mental health amongst black men in America.

TK and Ramon Benton

We are discussing mental health issues and the mainstream stigma around it; from suicidal thoughts, cultural norms, and the help people never get!

By TK and Ramon Benton

(Photo by Ian Espinosa on Unsplash)

The Minds met for the first PILOT talk episode to discuss goals and other matters we will welcome to the PODCAST.

EPISODE 1.1 - PILOT: We Touched The Mics Too Much


TK and Ramon Benton